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Tara Danae

I Find Rest - Tara Danae
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Soulful singer/songwriter Tara Danae possesses an unusual depth and maturity that reaches beyond melody and lyrics. Her music has been called “Blue-Eyed Soul,” reflecting her rich, colorful voice and “old soul” persona. Her style and voice will captivate you instantly.


Music has been Tara Danae’s constant companion since childhood. Tara grew up just outside of San Diego, California, but most would not peg her as a typical California girl. Instead of going to the beach on weekends, Tara spent almost all of her time in music rehearsals. 

Throughout high school, singing continued to be a big part of her life, and later, she made the leap to pursue her passion by moving to Nashville. Tara graduated from Belmont University’s Commercial Music program and it was there that she found her love of songwriting.


Tara’s experience and credentials are only part of her relationship with music: it was (and is) her escape, her therapy. Enduring tough challenges in her childhood can be credited to her bond with music and her love for the Lord.  A tenacious, self-propelled artist, Tara Danae will be one of the few who bring a message of hope to a mainstream audience.


Tara currently lives in Nashville, TN with her husband Kevin and her daughter Mackenzie.

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