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Record Label Reaches Beyond Standard to Extraordinary During Trying Times

Nashville, Tennessee – March 24, 2020 – In these times of uncertainty amid the COVID-19 pandemic, when concerts and festivals are canceling AfterTouch Music label continues to build an innovative brand by promoting both existing and rising artists with an out-of-the-box approach!

Self-described as a “new kind of record label,” AfterTouch Music is concentrating on doing more than signing artists up. It’s going a massive step further by partnering with, developing and promoting performers through unique exposure opportunities both nationally and internationally. The label garnered great interest in 2018 when they signed a major distribution deal with The Orchard and launched a sub-label jazz deal with the Emory Music Group.

Music enthusiasts and industry leaders are all abuzz over this month’s announcement regarding the release of AfterTouch Music 2020! A new compilation album featuring popular hits by nine label artists ranging from pop to Gospel to jazz.

“In music, I understand the power of coloration with musicians and artists. So we’re excited about taking it to another level as a label,” says Roger Ryan.

Ryan plans to produce similar albums annually to keep indie artists visible and viable to their fans. The effort lends great exposure opportunity to aspiring artists who offer a new flavor of sound and genre. Music lovers may be pleasantly surprised by their appreciation for new sounds that differ from their standard styles of music.

Amid this horrible pandemic the label is continuing to work hard to continue generating great new music! Keep an ear open for a collection of fresh new sounds headed your way soon!

Attached is the cover for the First collection album from ATM called: AfterTouch Music 2020 dropping on the 25th

Here’s the link :

For interview with Roger Rayan, AfterTouch Music CEO contact Nicole Kirby at 301-440-6542

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