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New Artist is No Stranger to the World of Music

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Nashville, Tennessee – March 17, 2020 – Nashville-based record label, AfterTouch Music announces the release of the silky, smooth sounds of soulful singer, Reuel Lynch. Well known for his creative works as a writer, producer and musician, fans are seeing a totally different side of the artist now as a vocalist, and they are loving every beat of it!

Hot on a lyrical fast track, the Trinidad producer turned singer has spent much of his career writing for various Caribbean artists such as Jahzy the Voice creating songs such as “Strictly Devotion.” Often without knowing it, music enthusiasts have also enjoyed background vocals from Lynch on popular tracks including “Stay Up” by Christian artist, Positive.

AfterTouch CEO, Roger Ryan, who is also a Trinidadian, has enjoyed Reuel’s innovative talent as a producer for years! However, when he heard Reuel’s vocal expressions, Ryan encouraged him to transition his talent to the other side of the mic. “We’re also working on creating a sub-label situation, not just an artist deal with Reuel. We’d like for him to continue his work developing, producing and signing other artist, thus having the opportunity to help in the expansion of growing our AfterTouch family.” Says Roger Ryan.

Of his newly found success, Reuel admits,

“I'm doing something now that I have personally wanted to do before. I just didn't have the guts to."

Reuel Lynch has garnered numerous Gospel music awards both in the Caribbean and in the United States. Although he finds great joy in helping others live out their dreams through music, he is embracing this new season as an R&B? vocalist with open arms. His new release, “Piece of You” first debuted February 2020 in Europe, then the Caribbean and is now climbing the charts in the US!

“This is really a new transition for me in performing my own material. I am excited that there will be a lot more to come this year!” Reuel says. Excited about future collaborations with Roger

Ryan and AfterTouch Music, the rising star produced. As a newly signed artist with AfterTouch,

Reuel will also be producing for the label in addition to being as an artist.

Keep your eyes on this artist. He has a full catalog of music, yet to be released!

You can find Reuel Lynch on YouTube Channel Reuel Lynch

You can find Reuel Lynch on Twitter, Instagram and facebook @dpmusic868

For more information on AfterTouch Music, Roger Ryan and Reuel Lynch contact Nicole Kirby,

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