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‘Earth Has No Sorrow’ A Song for the World Today!

Nashville, Tennessee – Monday, April 13, 2020 -This Easter week was greeted with the release of a time appropriate song called ‘Earth Has No Sorrow’ by Indie Gospel Artist Shurnelle Spencer. The song is a revamp of a classic hymn first written by Thomas Moore and Thomas Hastings from the 1700s. It has been covered many times, however, never has it had such a profound impact such as now.

Shurnelle’s heartfelt version takes the song somewhere new, striking a cord amid the worlds current crises.

The song was produced and arranged by Grammy nominated, Dove and Juno Award Winning producer, Roger Ryan. When deciding to release the track now, Roger says, “music is one thing that brings people together, lifts them up and gives them hope, and that is exactly what Shurnelle’s song is, a song of hope and understanding for such a time as this.”

While many major artists are postponing their releases because of the Covid-19 outbreak, Shurnelle, an independent artist, based in the Caribbean Island of Trinidad, decided to release this song despite the fact she can’t partake in concerts or album launches.

While there is a restriction on groups gathering, Shurnelle will be using her social media to do live sessions and online performances to interact with her fans. The song which premiered on YouTube during Easter week, has already been viewed over 5000 times. Shurnelle has been delighted by the public’s reaction with requests coming from national and international radio stations and is thankful her song is comforting people in a time of crisis.

Earth Has No Sorrow is released through AfterTouch Music and is available now on all Platforms:

Watch the video of ‘Earth Has No Sorrow’ here:

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